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Growing up the son of an architect, Scott had an early introduction to art and architecture. Two giant coffee table books, Michelangelo and Rembrandt, sparked an early interest in drawing and sculpture and introduced him to mankind’s unquenchable quest to find, see and create beauty.  His father’s hand with the pencil or pen is what probably inspired him most. The delicacy, the accuracy, the raw perfection of a sketch, all originating with the simplicity of a line or curve. Scott also found inspiration in the artists and architects of the Renaissance. These were creative minds specializing in more than one field. They were exploring drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture and engineering. They were not only drawing and designing, but building and making what they had envisioned. Scott understood this desire and felt that need to be creating at many levels. His upbringing in Colorado fostered a deep appreciation for nature and it’s intrinsic beauty.  His inspiration from the mountains and an interest in art and architectural history led him ultimately to find his passion for stone. Stone seemed to be the underlying element or common factor connecting both art and architecture thru the ages.

Scott grew up in Denver, Colorado and attended Thomas Jefferson H.S.  (1986). He then went west to join the Trojan family at the University of Southern California where he received a Bachelor of Architecture (1991). He spent his junior year abroad studying architecture in Florence, Italy through Syracuse University. He then worked for his father as an architectural apprentice, traveled, worked for the National Trust for Historic Preservation on their barn restoration program, and then worked for various masons. In 1995 he started Eccentric Stone. Scott is a proud father of four wonderful children and a blessed husband to wife Christine.


ECCENTRIC STONE (1995 – present)

Scott started Eccentric Stone to begin his career as a sculptor, carver, and mason and explore his interest in creative, crafted stonework. His projects include figurative and abstract sculpture, architectural carving and masonry, landscape masonry, lettering, fireplaces and fountains. Eccentric Stone is based out of Denver and Carbondale/Aspen, Colorado.




My artistic exploration revolves around the mystery of abstract composition and it’s relationship with the imagination. Our minds work to find familiarity even where there is none. Each piece whether stone, pencil, or ink is a composition of shape and form, density and intricacy, light and dark, with beauty being the underlying goal. The element of mystery and chance inspires the process. With no regard for subject, each piece hints at becoming something familiar. 


As a child I was intrigued with clouds and spray-on textured ceilings as my mind worked to pick out images within the shapes. Spherical objects, of varying sizes, some distorted, each having a different relationship with light, creating an entire world of whatever one could visualize. 


The essence of my sculpture is in the material itself. A passion for stone and glorifying its beauty is the driving force. I tend to follow certain principles when creating a composition.  Principles of undulation, balance, curvature, solid and void, openness and inclusion of both large and small shapes guide the design.

Drawing is an exploration into the relationship of the line and curve and light and dark and how it creates compositions of images on the verge of becoming something. The intricacy of minute detail pulls the viewer inwards towards the piece. The process combines the flowing movement of the line with the repetition of lines to create a composition of movement, density and intricacy. There’s a certain quality of line I’ve always appreciated in architectural renderings that I try to capture.

INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS : Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Rodin, Giacometti, Gaudi, Dali, Picasso, Sargent, Brancusi

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Tel: 303 246 5384


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